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How filming their shows almost killed The Brady Bunch, Gilligan, and Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul in the treacherous Breaking Bad (Photo: AMC)

Movie shoots naturally seem like a risky business, what with all the harnesses and green screens and car crashes. But it turns out that filming a TV series also poses some inherent dangers. Today Whatculture posted the short video “10 Actors Who Almost Died Filming Major TV Shows.” With Whatculture being based in the U.K., there are some British shows included, like a near-electrocution on the set of Doctor Who. But the Americans still have a few anecdotes to offer—some for shows that you wouldn’t think would be that dangerous, like that time an actual lion pounced on Gilligan Island’s Bob Denver, or how all The Brady Bunch almost bit it on a roller-coaster. Often, injuries happen when staged fights and fake weapons go awry, as on the sets of Lost, Dexter, and The Vampire Diaries.

TV’s scariest brush with death probably happened to Aaron Paul on the set of Breaking Bad. A boulder was holding down a tarp on top of an RV when a strong gust of wind knocked the boulder to the ground—right where Paul’s blocking was set. If he hadn’t decided to shoot the scene from a different angle a few moments before, he likely would have been pulverized. Welp, sure makes you think. You can ponder all the other ways you are clinging to life by only the thinnest of threads in the video below:

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