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How far can you make it into Vic Berger's demented 68-minute edit of the Trump presidency?

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After years of having to endure Trump or Trump-adjacent content—his tweets, his rallies, his sycophants, his critics in the media promising us that the wheels are definitely falling off this time—our brains have slowly curdled, sliding, jelly-like, into the darkest corners of our skulls.


No one, however, has waded into the polluted waters of Trump discourse like Vic Berger, the gonzo video artist who, time and again, has managed to wring laughs out of the sheer stupidity of our current moment. Today, in what feels like a culmination of Berger’s work over the last several years, he’s teamed up with Vice News to drop the ultimate supercut, a 68-minute spiral that will surely live on as the most essential chronicle of the last four years.

Well, it will if anyone actually has the fortitude to finish the thing.

So we ask: How far did you make it?

Did you tap out right up top, when the gales of laughter that met Barack Obama and Seth Meyers’ jokes about Trump at the 2011 Correspondents Dinner ignited the fire that made him want to run? Or was it his declarations of things that he’s the best at that made you split? What about his love for things that go “bing”? His enthusiasm for big, honking trucks and the death penalty? Was it the ear-shredding performances of his inauguration? The countless tales of “big, strong men” weeping in his presence? The politicians and preachers saying he’s been anointed by God? The six minutes of him saying the word “billions”? Was it the revisitation of his many scandals, from his remarks about Charlottesville and “shithole countries” to his utterly baffling St. John’s photo opp? If you’re anything like us, blood started trickling from your ears after the 20th or so TV journalist took a crack at pronouncing “covfefe.”


The takeaway? It’s been a long four years, folks.

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Randall Colburn is The A.V. Club's Internet Culture Editor. He lives in Chicago, occasionally writes plays, and was a talking head in Best Worst Movie, the documentary about Troll 2.

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