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How does a dog wear pants: On all four legs, or just the hind legs?

Pups wearing clothing at Pug-O-Ween in Melbourne, Australia (Photo: Newspix/Getty Images)

Take a break from muttering at your computer screen and think about something more pleasant than Trump bullying school children. How would a dog wear pants?

Screenshot: Utopian Raspberry - Modern Oasis Machine/Facebook

It’s a question that came to internet prominence a little over a year ago, when a dude calling himself Norbert created an image to ask the question of how a dog would wear pants, along with a helpful image. Writer Jared Keller posed the question to Twitter, with 81 percent responding dogs would wear pants just on the two hind legs.


And that is wrong. Because the purpose of pants is to cover the legs, and dogs have four legs. Ipso facto, any pants a dog would wear should cover all four legs. Those 81 percent of poll takers are typical humans, projecting their species-centric view onto the question.


Anyway, the dogs-in-pants question is back in the Twittersphere today because a “Memes” Twitter account posted a photo of a dog wearing snowpants, and they are on every leg.


That settles that.

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