Now that the threat of communism has been extinguished by the power of McDonald’s and blue jeans, the United States no longer needs to worry about Cuba teaming up with the USSR to undermine our plan for world domination with their own plan for world domination. That means Cuba and the U.S. are basically friends again, and our TV shows are now free to film on their socialist island paradise. There was already the Conan special and Discovery’s Cuban Chrome series last year, but now Deadline is reporting that—for the first time since restoring diplomatic relations—a scripted U.S. series will film an episode in Cuba.

The lucky series is Showtime’s House Of Lies, which will be sending Don Cheadle and his management consultant pals to Cuba so Cheadle’s Mary Kaan can try and achieve his goal of “ascending from millionaire mogul to global dominator.” Cheadle says the episode—which will be the finale for the show’s fifth season—will be its “biggest and wildest adventure yet,” adding that “it’s sure to be one for the record books, for both our characters and for our cast and crew.” The fifth season of House Of Lies will premiere sometime this year.