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House Of Cards renewed for a fifth season with a new showrunner

House Of Cards

Hopefully Kevin Spacey signed on for that hilarious-looking talking cat movie out of a love of craft (or maybe craft services), and not because he thought he might soon be out of a job. Because he definitely isn’t, as Netflix has just announced it’s renewing its flagship political thriller House Of Cards—in which the beloved actor plays a humanoid crawdad who tricks the witless humans of America into making him their drawling, claw-handed king—for a fifth season of steely looks and over-the-top asides.

But while Spacey will be returning to the show, a major creative force on the series will not. According to Variety, showrunner Beau Willimon will be stepping down from the series after its fourth season, which is set to be released on March 4. Netflix hasn’t announced Willimon’s successor yet, but the streaming service did thank the departing producer and playwright for his constitutions to the show, even as he makes his way to his next, likely accent-heavy, endeavor.


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