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Hot Wheels releases line of Yellow Submarine toys for titular song’s 50th anniversary

(Photo: Mattel)

It seems as though Universal Music Group and Mattel have hit upon an ingenious new means of squeezing a few extra merchandizing dollars from the Beatles’ five-decade-old back catalogue. Entertainment Weekly reports that the El Segundo, California-based toy manufacturer has struck a deal to release a special collection of Yellow Submarine-themed miniature vehicles, including a tiny yellow submarine styled after the one featured in the 1968 animated film. The line of brightly hued toys is planned to correspond with the 50-year anniversary of the song “Yellow Submarine,” which was featured on the Beatles’ 1966 album Revolver and served as inspiration for the genuinely strange cult film by George Dunning.

Music fans unfortunate enough to have made collector’s completism a part of their personal identity will now be obligated to buy the toy submarine, plus six cars with designs inspired by the aesthetics of the movie. The collectibles will be available as an assortment pack at The Cirque du Soleil Beatles Shop at the Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas starting tomorrow, before ultimately getting stocked on Walmart shelves nationwide June 15.

Photo: Mattel
Photo: Mattel

To see a preview of the full line, check out Entertainment Weekly’s exclusive debut announcement.

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