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Most people know Hot Topic as every shopping mall’s best place to buy emo band T-shirts, anime chain wallets, and Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Pop figures, but lately it has also started selling dresses that feature emo band names, anime references, and characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas. We reported on a line of Avengers-inspired womenswear earlier this year, and now Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Hot Topic will soon be launching a Doctor Who fashion line that features sweaters and dresses inspired by the long-running BBC show.


Like the Marvel line, the outfits mostly range from overt references to nods so subtle that nobody will get it but you, like a bowtie dress and cape combo that might as well be cosplay on the one end, and a striped sweater that literally nobody will associate with Doctor Who on the other. In the comfortable middle-ground, though, is a “TARDIS-lined coat” that actually looks pretty badass (if you can get past a prominent display of the words “Police Call Box”).

The Doctor Who line is set to launch in Hot Topic stores on Friday. You can see a trailer for it below. (Apparently trailers for new clothing at Hot Topic are a thing now.)

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