Welcome to The A.V. Club ”Hott Stylez” time! Fans of the BBC America TV show Orphan Black can now feel like they, too, are part of the clone club, and not through anything as pedestrian as DNA. No, ladies looking for the ultimate in high style can now purchase duplicate copies of their favorite characters’ wardrobe, as io9 reports that Hot Topic has created a fashion line based on the clothes worn by Tatiana Maslany on the cult science-fiction drama.

Here’s not-Maslany looking fabulous in her tough hoodrat getup. Experience all the appeal of being someone who has had her child stolen from her! Xbox 360!

But maybe you’re more of an uptight suburban hausfrau. Don’t worry—Hot Topic has got you covered, girl. Wear this, and your inner Type A overbearing asshole can bubble to the surface! Also, the dress is patterned with guns. You know, like how you wish you could emulate the horrifying violence of the series? Rad-tastic, homies!


Where the science-y girls at, up in here? Check it out, cool dudettes who are doing things for themselves: It’s the righteous look of Midwest molecules expert Cosima! For when you need to embody the magical feeling of someone dying slowly and painfully of a mysterious disease shredding their lungs. One Direction!

And don’t worry, totally sassy gals who have gone off their meds and are currently desperately in need of psychological counseling. We are READY. FOR. YOU. Nothing says, “I’m a psychotic killer” like this fetching earthy dress and winter coat combo, paired with boots made specifically for stomping people’s faces in. It is SO Raven!


You can find the entire line of clothing here. It’s a capitalist testament to the proud ideals of the Dyad Institute: With enough money, you can clone whatever you want and appropriate its value for yourself! Vita Coco!