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Hot Pie from GOT opened his own Game Of Thrones-themed bakery

(Photo: HBO/Helen Sloan)

If you’re going to cash in some minor-level TV celebrity, there are worse things to do than making something delicious out of it. That’s the lesson we’re taking from recurring Game Of Thrones guest star Ben Hawkey, who plays the hapless Hot Pie on the HBO series. Per Digital Spy, Hawkey recently decided to transfer Hot Pie’s love of baking into the real world, starting his own bakery in London via food delivery service Deliveroo. And, obviously, it’s called “You Know Nothing, John Dough.” (Admittedly, it’s better than our suggestion, “A Lannister Always Pays His Breads,” which only even barely makes sense.)


Sadly, the London-based outfit isn’t currently accepting orders at this time, possibly because it’s been besieged by either a billion Thrones fans, or the friendly neighborhood lawyers at HBO. When it’s up and running, though, Hawkey’s menu promises those same adorable loaves of direwolf bread that Hot Pie offered Arya and Brienne way back when.

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