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Hot grits, rectal anarchy, and the weirdest deleted articles on Wikipedia

A book that is not full of garbage, probably. Photo: Spencer Platt / Getty

Wikipedia is both a fascinating, important example of the internet’s democratization of information—both who creates it and who accesses it—and a seething hive of useless garbage. Our ongoing series Wiki Wormhole is a microcosmic celebration of those twain qualities, but this video, from J.T. Sexkik, blasts through a boatload of deleted articles from “the online encyclopedia anyone can edit.” You can decide whether or not they deserved this fate.

Sexkik previously produced videos detailing the most horrifying misspellings of the words “pregnant” and “Ouija” on Yahoo! Answers. In a meta twist, all of the entries in this newest video were culled from their own Wikipedia article, entitled “deleted articles with freaky titles.” You can find all of these there, along with links to additional reading, if you’ve got, say, an entire afternoon to spend reading a definitive list of people who are alive or an informational guide on how to stop your son from looking at Picachu porn. Information wants to be free!


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