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Preston Fassel’s novel Our Lady Of The Inferno marked the return of Fangoria magazine’s storied book imprint back in September. Now, the book, which we said “transfers the punchy midcentury pulp aesthetic to the equally grimy milieu of New York City in the early ’80s,” is preparing to bring its grimy grindhouse-throwback aesthetic into the 21st century with an audiobook edition. Nightbreed: The Director’s Cut producer Mark Alan Miller will spearhead the project through his Encyclopocalypse Publications audiobook imprint, which has previously produced audio editions of everything from collections of “hilariously angry” film reviews to Hellraiser tie-in novels.


Given Fassel’s character- and dialogue-driven approach in Our Lady Of The Inferno makes the casting of the audiobook especially important. With that in mind. we’re pleased to exclusively report here on The A.V. Club that horror legend Barbara Crampton will voice Nicolette Aster, “a waste management executive in 1980s Manhattan who moonlights as a serial killer,” in the audiobook. She’ll be joined by voice actress Gigi Shane as Nicolette’s street-smart nemesis Ginny Kurva, the whip-smart mother hen to a pack of 42nd Street sex workers. Also appearing in supporting roles will be bodybuilder and voice actress Autumn Ivy as Ginny’s wheelchair-bound younger sister Tricia, as well as country singer and fiction writer Kasey Lansdale as Tammy, a new arrival on the Times Square scene who’s also the target of Nicolette’s warped affections. Casting for the remaining roles in the audiobook is still in progress.

A film version of Our Lady Of The Inferno, which will see Fassel teaming up with writers Laura Moss and Brendan J. O’Brien on the script, is also currently in the works. You can buy the book now on Amazon.

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