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According to Collider, James Wan from The Conjuring and Aquaman is set to produce a horror movie based on Milk, a short film directed by Santiago Menghini. The movie’s Wan has produced, which include The Nun and Lights Out, tend to be reasonably good, so this is a pretty good sign even if Wan isn’t directing the feature himself (that task falls on Menghini). Collider says the original short has been “well-received” at festivals, and it concerns a “sheltered young teen with an overbearing mother who begins to suspect his reality is not as it seems.” That doesn’t tell us much, but thankfully there’s a trailer for the Milk short on YouTube:

Alright, so that tells us even less than Collider’s synopsis, but Menghini’s official website actually has a bit more information. According to that synopsis, the short is about a young teen who wakes up late one night and goes to the kitchen to get some milk, at which point he encounters his sleepless mother and “quickly realizes things are not as they seem.” It’s not much, but at least we know where the title comes from now.

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