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Horror anthology to paint Paris as the world's most romantic city to die in

The 2006 ensemble dramedy Paris, je t’aime is the inspiration for the upcoming Paris, I’ll Kill You, a new horror anthology that retains the same approach of hiring different directors to capture the City of Light, but this time as a dark place where terrible, horrible things happen. Of course, various horrible and/or supernatural things happened in Paris je t’aime—Elijah Wood falling in love with a vampire; Rufus Sewell being haunted by the ghost of Oscar Wilde; lots of mimes—but Paris, I’ll Kill You aims to be even more horrible as it goes “deep into the seedy underbelly of a Paris a long, long way from the pretty honeymoon cliché.” The directing team includes Joe Dante(Gremlins), Xavier Gens (Hitman), Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (Inside), Ryuhei Kitamura (Versus, Midnight Meat Train), Vincenzo Natali (Splice), Paco Plaza ([REC], [REC] 2), and Christopher Smith (Severance), which is a promisingly genre-riffic assemblage indeed. No cast has been announced yet, but we’re pretty sure Gerard Depardieu is contractually obligated to be in there somewhere, even if it’s just as a corpse.


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