Screenshot: YouTube

Like a lot of sports games, FIFA games are sort of annualized wonders, making incremental mechanical changes and taking baby steps toward better replicating the experience of watching the sport on TV. They are also rife with wonderfully fucked-up glitches, year in and year out, creating a sort of ghoulish alternate version of the beautiful game as played by phantoms, freaks, and malfunctioning automatons. And so it is troubling to see these glitches played alongside humans recreating them in real life:

In-game glitches are one of the most interesting little nooks in the uncanny valley; no matter how realistic games get, they’ll always be prone to these explosions of emergent weirdness. This is only underlined when you see them played out by actual humans.


If you’re hungry for more, here are five more minutes of glitches from the actual game.

[via Kotaku]