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Horrible sounding 90sFest to help Williamsburg reach peak irony this fall

Williamsburg, Brooklyn may have just reached peak irony. This September, the neighborhood so hip that it’s not even hip anymore will host 90sFest, a celebration of all things 34-year olds remember and 23-year-olds kind of, sort of at least remember the concept of. With musical headliners like the bread-addled Smash Mouth, Coolio, Lisa Loeb, Naughty By Nature, Tonic, and the surviving members of Blind Melon, the fest promises hours of passable aural entertainment. That is assuming, of course, that these bands just play their hits and get off the stage. Pauly Shore is emceeing that stage as well, because of course he is.

Other annoying-sounding activities at 90sFest include a Mario Kart tournament and an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest crowd forcing themselves to dance the “Macarena” at once. Admission starts at $60 (!) and runs all the way up to $150 for VIP tickets, with the event’s producer saying VIP guests might be able to get their hands on “Crystal Pepsi-based cocktails” like that’s some sort of perk.


The fest is also partnering with “Instagram’s Top Comedy Brands,” @FuckJerry and @Betches, both of which pretty much just post dumb and poorly executed memes but have millions of followers. The fest says the partnership is meant as a way “to bring fans an incredible opportunity to interact with these brands,” because nothing says “fun ’90s festival in Williamsburg” like listening to “All Star” while looking at your phone.

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