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It seems the original release date for Top Gun 2 must have tried to eject into the air and float safely to the ground, only to smash its head on the aircraft canopy during the procedure. Farewell, 2019 release date for Top Gun 2: You’re in heaven now, playing “Great Balls Of Fire” for the angels.


So we hope you hadn’t circled that weekend on your 2019 calendar or anything, because a recently announced delay has obliterated plans for the sequel to the massively popular 1986 film to be released on July 12 of next year. Variety reports Paramount Pictures decided to push the movie back nearly an entire year, to June 26, 2020, in large part to allow the film’s creative team more time to “work out the logistics of presenting flight sequences with new technology and planes.” The plot of Top Gun 2: JetBlue Boogaloo (possibly not the final title, since they’ve been calling it Top Gun: Maverick) reportedly involves the advancement of drone technology in flight and the attendant end of the era of manned dogfights.

Given the only real information we’ve had about the film since the picture Tom Cruise tweeted out back when production first began at the end of May is the welcome news that Val Kilmer’s “Iceman” will also be a part of the story, this means there’s also still plenty of time to insert a scene in which Cruise and Kilmer’s teeth engage in a bite-off.

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