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Hope Davis to lead the cast of American Crime season two

Hope Davis, Wayward Pines

Season two of American Crime will reportedly focus on “sexual identity and the class divisions between one town’s public and private high schools,” and we’ve just learned who some of those class warriors will be. Wayward Pines’ Hope Davis has signed on in an unnamed role, joined by relative newcomers Joey Pollari, Connor Jessup, and Angelique Rivera.

Pollari will play Eric Lupton (or Eric Tanner, according to TVLine), a basketball player from a working-class background whose life is “publicly torn apart following accusations made in the wake of a school party.” Pollari previously played an awkward teen in the U.S. adaptation of The Inbetweeners, but the consequences he faced on that show following some adolescent debauchery will probably pale in comparison.


Jessup (Falling Skies) has been cast as Connor Blaine, who is reportedly at the center of the allegations that lead to next season’s crime. Rivera’s character will be the only witness to said crime, and her “testimony could alter the lives of the young men who stand accused.” There’s no word on who Davis will be playing, though she will appear in seven episodes. But series creator John Ridley acknowledged that the show’s recent slew of Emmy nominations have raised expectations for the upcoming season, so Davis will probably get a role at least as interesting as that of a building inspector.

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