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Hooray, the gang from sperm comedy The Switch is reuniting for another film

Everyone's thrilled!

With the shrugging confidence of people who know that the end product of their joint labor always turns out, basically, fine, longtime acting partners Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman have signed on for yet another film together, reuniting with the directorial team from their 2010 comedy The Switch. The pair—who previously contributed their completely adequate chemistry to films like The Break-Up, the Horrible Bosses movies, and the aforementioned sperm theft comedy—are set to star together in Office Christmas Party (better title pending, we hope).

The film—which also stars permanent sidekick T.J. Miller and Saturday Night Lives Kate McKinnon—is set in the aftermath of the titular event, and kind of sounds like The Hangover, except with ill-advised break room canoodling and inappropriate copier usage taking the place of elaborate tiger theft.


Office Christmas Party is being directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck, the team behind The Switch; hopefully, they’ll be able to coax the same screen-searing sexual and comedic tension from Aniston and Bateman as they have in the past (or, barring that, lure Jeff Goldblum back for a fun cameo as everybody’s weirdo boss).

[via Variety]


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