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Hook prequel centered on Rufio is in the works, according to the guy who played Rufio

Like a magical fairy killed by no one clapping, Steven Spielberg's Hook is generally regarded as one of the director's lesser efforts, except among those whose nostalgia for their youth are their own "happy thoughts"—a phrase that doesn't make them automatically cringe with memories of a lisping fat boy being used as a bowling ball. But in an age when even MacGruber can be resurrected if you just believe hard enough, apparently, there is now a Hook prequel in the works centered on the skateboard-grinding, spiky-haired Lost Boy known as Rufio, provided you can accept in your heart the words of the guy who played him.

That guy, Dante Basco, crowed to Crave Online that he believes director Rpin Suwannath (currently attached to that previously reported "post-apocalyptic Zorro") will finally help him tell the full story of Rufio, which would be based on a musical written as an ironic lark by L.A. sketch comedy troupe The Younger Statesmen. Nevertheless, Basco, as he has with the chances of this actually getting made, has taken it very seriously: "These guys have a whole storyline of how he gets the Mohawk. The whole story’s crazy," Basco said both of the compelling premise for the would-be movie and, unwittingly, of this entire news item.


Anyway, it is here that we redundantly point out that, while Basco may believe his Rufio prequel can fly and yes, that is very inspirational and so on, he also admits that they're still "pitching it around"—and coupled with the fact that neither Spielberg nor Columbia is involved, this idea seems doomed to be crushed by those sad old pirates known as copyright lawyers. In short, reporting on this project is essentially the equivalent of that grating scene in Hook where the Lost Boys feast on imaginary food, which is itself one of the many reasons this will probably never get made.[via Movieline]

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