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Honk if you're horror-ny: That (untitled) goose is now terrorizing Resident Evil 2

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That asshole goose from Untitled Goose Game hasn’t stopped month terrorizing the internet since barging its way into our homes last month. Now, in a weird and super cool mod, this goddamned goose is honking through the horrors of Resident Evil 2. Credit Resident Evil forum modder and gaming prankster Alister for the mod, which you can watch via Alister’s Twitter below.  

The upcoming mod will replace the lumbering, incredibly annoying Mr. X (or T-00) with the Untitled Goose Game’s goose, and, just like X, Goose will wear a “Fedora because he is just so Fancy like that.” In a follow-up tweet, Alister also adds some reassured havoc for the Mr. X replacement: “And yes. the final version will include extra HONKS.”


Those familiar with Alister might remember his previous Mr. X swap, replacing the wall-busting adversary with Thomas The Tank Engine. Resident Evil 2, which released earlier this year, has also seen modders replace Mr. X with Pennywise the Clown, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ Big Smoke, and a super tiny version of himself (a-la Army of Darkness). No word yet on when ZomebieAli/Alister’s goose mod will be hitting the internet, but we’re ready for Claire to endure a honkingly terrible time.

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