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Honest Trailers highlights the many quips of Avengers: Age Of Ultron

It feels like years (and hundreds of Captain America: Civil War casting announcements) since Avengers: Age Of Ultron hit theaters. Although the hubbub over the film has died down significantly since it premiered in May, the folks over at Honest Trailers are ready to stir the pot again. In their latest video, they examine the superhero flick with their signature blend of intellectual critique and juvenile humor.

The video points out many of the issues fans were chatting about as they left midnight releases five months ago: Why did the Avengers suddenly come together to infiltrate a remote Hydra base after steering clear of one another’s solo films? Why did Ultron feel the need to vaguely set up every upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film? When will one of these Marvel movies create a compelling villain besides Loki? And how many quips is too many quips?


Really the only nitpick this video doesn’t highlight is the film’s misguided idea that Steve Rogers would be uncomfortable with bad language. The man fought in World World II alongside Dum Dum Dugan—he’s surely heard it all by now.

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