After being silent for almost four years, Homestar Runner briefly came back to life in April for an all-too-brief update. Like a quick flash of light in the otherwise unending darkness of the Internet, it opened everyone’s eyes to a better and brighter world that many people thought they’d never be lucky enough to see again. Then it disappeared, just as mysteriously as it had before. Homestar Runner fans flooded the streets, wondering why their beloved Flash-animated cartoon had forsaken them again. “Come back, Homestar,” the Internet shouted to the heavens. “We miss you! We miss Strong Bad! We even miss the lesser characters like The King Of Town and Pom Pom!”

Well, weep no more, people of the Internet. According to a recent interview with Homestar co-creator Matt Chapman, Homestar Runner might be coming back. Chapman sat down with the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show podcast to talk about the site, and he revealed that the cartoon from April was “sort of a test to get back into doing it” and that he and his brother Mike would “love to start making things again.” Apparently that short update made a bigger splash than they thought it would, and they realized that there’s still an audience out there for new Homestar cartoons.


Chapman thinks they could start updating the site again by this fall, and the only question is “how whole-hog” they want to take it, whether that means turning Strong Bad E-Mails into a Twitter thing or giving Strong Sad a Tumblr page. Either way, Chapman seems surprisingly confident that this is all really, truly happening, which makes us reasonably sure that we’re not just living in some fiendishly cruel dream. Here at The A.V. Club, we’re known for our stance of cautious optimism, but screw it. We might be able to see new Homestar Runner cartoons later this year, and we’re gonna celebrate by burninating the countryside. Caution be damned!

(h/t Vulture)