With both Google and Mozilla planning on dropping support for Adobe Flash, old school animation-heavy sites like Homestar Runner are trying to figure out what the heck they’re going to do. They’re built on Flash, after all, and while it’s easy enough to say “just learn HTML 5 or put your shit on YouTube or something,” The Brothers Chap actually doing that is probably another story.

Fortunately for Homestar Runner fans, the site is tackling the problem head on—or at least knows it should. In a new clip, “Flash Is Dead,” available today, Homestar, Strong Bad, Bubs, and the whole gang take on their imminent demise, mostly by making jokes about Deep Impact, “HyperText Markup Lotion,” and pissing in cans. It’s a coy way to look at a semi-catastrophic situation, but when has Homestar Runner done anything else?