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Homestar Runner celebrates Halloween with amazing costumes, melted candy

That Billy Mitchell costume is eerie.

The annual Homestar Runner Halloween cartoon has arrived, and it’s as funny and weirdly intricate as ever. In the short, Homestar, Strong Bad, and the whole gang stand around and discuss their costumes, which range from the simple—Marzipan as Margot Tenenbaum—to the more obscure, like Bubs’ take on Seinfeld’s fictional Flaming Globes Of Zigmund. It’s all great, especially if you want to see Strong Sad’s take on the Utz Chips girl. Be sure to stay around for the bits after the costume display, in which Strong Bad plays drawling ghost hunter Sharp Dean, much to the dismay of the King Of Town, who’s adorably dressed as a Scrubbing Bubble.

[via @CharSmarFar]


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