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As we greet the dawn of Space Year: 2013, it's inevitable that our antiquated literary classics must embark on their own final frontier—to explore strange new worlds of public domain exploitation, to seek out new means of franchising, in space. And so, much as we prepare to launch Moby Dick into space, Warner Bros. is also readying Homer's The Odyssey for its own voyage into space, where it can be outfitted with the space things that appeal to the space-people of our contemporary space age.


This new space Odyssey (not to be confused with other space odysseys) was once meant for Brad Pitt, who spent years gazing into the vast starfield and was driven to rambling madness by his uncertain place in the universe. Pitt's no longer attached, except to the omnipresent gravity boots securing him to Earth, but Warner Bros. boldly goes on, signing recent NYU graduate and Black List screenwriter James DiLapo to retell Homer's epic of sailing and dudes trying to bang your wife, but in space. DiLapo will accomplish this by listening to the Muses, who speak through him now, saying, "Just put 'in space' after everything."

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