Like all ancient tales of heroes and their grueling obstacles, Homer’s Odyssey is finally getting a chance to shine as a blockbuster film (likely filled with hunky dudes). Odysseus will be a “large-scale” adaptation of the epic poem, which tells the story of Greek king Odysseus’ treacherous journey back home to his beloved Penelope, 10 years after the Fall of Troy. Warner Bros. has handed the project to director Fedor Bondarchuk, whose last film, Stalingrad, was the highest-grossing Russian film of 2013, and the first Russian film to be shot in IMAX 3-D. Combine that with one of The Killing’s writers (Jeremy Doner) and one of 300’s producers (Gianni Nunnari), and you’ve got what promises to be a gray-tinted, drama-riddled, all-out abs fest. All in the name of literature, of course, and to be shown in high school English classes for years to come.