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Homer meets the ultimate Simpsons fan in new couch gag

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For its latest couch gag, The Simpsons has tapped guest animator Stoopid Monkey Stoodios, the makers of Robot Chicken and SuperMansion. The clip is in the studio’s house style, complete with South Park reference. It also features Robot Chicken regular The Nerd, who might be able to give Comic Book Guy a run for his money when it comes to Simpsons/Simpsons trivia.

Instead of hunting the couch, Homer sets off in search of the familiar sailboat painting, which has gone missing. While running from the scene of the accidental murder of the California Raisins (just watch the video), Homer ends up in a bedroom that smells like “comic books and loneliness.” He meets The Nerd, who happens to be watching The Simpsons on his laptop. The painting is in his possession, but only after a vicious bidding war. Homer’s far from flattered, though. He just ends up snatching the painting and leaving—and without his signature “yoink.”


You can rewatch the gag when The Simpsons airs Sunday, February 19. The new episode promises trouble between Lisa and Bart (wow, really?) and a new career for Homer (but we thought his life would be nothing without the nucleon plant?).

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