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Homer becomes a Democrat as The Simpsons takes on campaign ads

The Simpsons

Hillary Clinton’s “3 a.m. phone call” is probably one of the most memorable campaign ads of the last few election cycles (save for the one where Donald Trump made a speech about the importance of taking Helm’s Deep, but that might’ve been something else entirely). Now, as the latest in the show’s series of timely “here’s a thing that’s in the news” shorts, The Simpsons has released a parody of that old ad that sees Homer and Marge realizing that they can’t snuggle until they’ve decided who to vote for in November.

The Clinton bit is rather toothless, with the joke mostly consisting of Bill being disappointed that he’s not the one getting the important phone calls anymore. The Trump part, on the other hand, features him being too busy tweeting about Elizabeth Warren to actually answer the phone, but when he finally gives in and responds to the international crisis, the process of getting him to look presentable is so involved (orange spray tan, face injections, curled-up dog on head) that he misses his chance to do anything anyway.


The short ends in a way that suggests it’s more of an actual campaign ad than a parody of anything, but whatever. That’d only be a problem in any other election.

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