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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas—on Emma Watson’s Instagram account, at least. (Also probably inside the squall.) Watson took a break from promoting Greta Gerwig’s excellent Little Women adaptation to share a picture designed in a lab to send fans of a certain literary and cinematic canon into an absolute froth. It may also send older millennials in particular into an existential, “oh my god, how did I get so old” kind of mindset. So brew yourself a calming draught in your standard-issue cauldron, and proceed.


That would be Tom “Draco Malfoy” Felton, Watson (a.k.a. Hermione Granger), Evanna “Luna Lovegood” Lynch, Bonnie “Ginny Weasley” Wright, and Matthew “Neville Longbottom” Lewis, all having a nice tipple and a chat at some sort of festive gathering. It’s cozy! They’re all grown up! There are tights and sweaters! Neville has a smart watch, but those aren’t going to work around so much magical disruption! Tom Felton looks like he’s preparing to play the younger version of Ralph Fiennes in a movie about an archaeologist! There is very little about this picture unworthy of an enthusiastic thumbs-up. We could wish for the presence of a Radcliffe or Grint in the mix, but you can’t have everything. We would not send this picture a Howler, is what we’re saying.

And look: Here it is in color!

And here’s a slightly more candid one with a very poetical caption.


Anyway, life is short, we’re all inching slowly towards death, and you should see Little Women because it is delightful and also sort of about how life is short and we’re all inching slowly towards death. Happy Christmas!

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