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Homemade Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer is impressive, full of cardboard

Illustration for article titled Homemade iAvengers: Age Of Ultron/i trailer is impressive, full of cardboard

There was a time before the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer when other glimpses of future movies set the Internet ablaze. People were jazzed to see Andy Dwyer chasing dinosaurs in the Jurassic World trailer. Folks seemed pretty into the trailer for Furious 7 with its talk of family and scenes of cars performing actions that simply cannot be safe. And surely someone somewhere was happy about the trailer for that third Hobbit movie (most likely someone in New Zealand and/or Stephen Colbert). But the movie commercial that really hit the nerd sweet spot before the Millennium Falcon returned to screens was for Joss Whedon’s second foray into the cinematic world of Marvel’s Avengers. The Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer showcased tons of action, gravitas, and darkness for everyone’s favorite dysfunctional team/timebomb. With James Spader’s weary yet menacing voiceover, paired with a creepy child’s rendition of “I’ve Got No Strings,” the short sizzle reel was intriguing while also promising some impressive special effects and epic scenes.


So of course the best way to remake those same sweeping, grand moments is to use cardboard, tiny plastic toys, and what appears to be at least two different actors playing Captain America (for the record, the mustachioed one is better). Cinefix continued its Homemade series and recreated the Age Of Ultron trailer shot-for-shot without using any visual effects, just in camera moves, clever editing, and cardboard. Lots of cardboard.

Those interested can see how the trailer was put together here:

As well as how it compares to the original, bigger-budgeted footage here:

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