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There’s an end in sight—potentially—for Homeland. The show was recently picked up through its eighth season, which means Carrie Mathison still has a lot of time to fight terrorism and cry. However, showrunner Alex Gansa told Deadline at an Emmys party that after that, he’ll likely be “done,” quipping “if I’m still standing.” He, of course, does not have the final say—that honor goes to Showtime—but it certainly seems like the network should at least have the heart do a mercy killing. After all, this is a show that some think should have been done after its first, excellent season, although its more recent efforts have received some praise.

The sixth go-around is set to premiere in January and move the action back, well, home. It will feature a presidential election, and Carrie will be in Brooklyn and working at a foundation that aims to help Muslims in the states.


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