We're not happy about this either, Carrie. (Homeland)

Homeland will be dealing with the world of the racist movement known as the “alt-right” when it returns in January. According to Entertainment Weekly, the show has cast actor Jake Weber to play a Steve Bannon-type named Brett O’Keefe, described as an “an alt-right media personality, who is described as combative yet charismatic.” Really, however, we should just take the Associated Press’ advice and call it like it is: He’s a white supremacist.

The sixth season of the show takes place in New York, and finds Claire Danes’ Carrie Mathison working at an organization that helps Muslims. Per EW, the action will occur between the election and inauguration of the president played by Elizabeth Marvel. Danes once described Marvel’s character as “a composite of all the different candidates.” This is all a little unnervingly timely, if you ask us.