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Homeland’s getting a female president with just a bit of Donald Trump

(Collage by Nick Wanserski/Photos: Getty Images)

Carrie Mathison’s espionage adventures will continue through a sixth season of Homeland, which Claire Danes recently revealed will feature a female President of these United States. According to Variety, the actress shared that tidbit during a Q&A session with executive producer and director Lesli Linka Glatter on Tuesday. But the new fictional Commander In Chief won’t just be a knockoff of real-life presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. No, Homeland isn’t going to imagine a Carly Fiorina presidency—apparently, this new president will be an amalgam of all of the 2016 presidential wannabes.

Danes said the new president will be “a composite of all the different candidates,” which presumably means the country will be run by some kind of bipartisan Voltron. Well, it would be if the show had the budget for such an endeavor, but it doesn’t. Glatter said as much during the panel: “We actually don’t have a lot of money. We are very clever in how we use our production dollars.” But as amusing/horrifying as it would be to see a senior citizen with blue eyes and delicate hands—who also has an unslakable thirst and endless supply of Simpsons quotes—setting up in the show’s West Wing, it sounds like they’re just thinking of combining personality traits. They wouldn’t give much else away, but the character will “challenge[s] the norms (and) is a little scary for that reason,” which is presumably how they know it will be a female president.


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