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Homeland executive producer sells “action workplace comedy” to NBC

NBC may be systematically eliminating all comedy shows from its lineup, but apparently that doesn’t include “action workplace comedy” shows. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Homeland executive producer Howard Gordon is developing a new series for NBC that’s being described as “24 meets Die Hard,” neither of which are known for how funny they are. OK, Die Hard had funny parts, but it’s not a comedy. Maybe they should’ve thrown in a The Office mention? Either way, it’s an action workplace comedy called Human Resources, and it’s about “an unlikely group of heroes who come together to save their co-workers, their jobs, and, ultimately, themselves.”

That Awkward Moment director Tom Gormican is writing the pilot, so maybe Zac Efron can star as one of the unlikely heroes. Has his movie career hit the point where he can start slumming it on TV yet? Anyway, there aren’t too many other details on the project, but to us it sounds a lot like that Simpsons episode where Homer saves the plant from an all-star team of freelance terrorists.


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