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Homeland creators have another government-agents-and-crazy-people crime drama at CBS

After Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon snagged all the Emmys, the networks have, quite naturally, realized that the Homeland creators are people they want to work with—particularly if they have another crime drama in them, and particularly if that network is CBS, which collects crime dramas like a misanthropic yet brilliant detective collects clues. And so the duo is prepping Anatomy Of Violence for CBS, a drama based on a soon-to-be-published nonfiction book exploring how some people are more physiologically wired to commit crimes, often on a weekly basis and in such a way that they can only be solved by people who have deep-seated personal issues that might actually make them more effective, even if it makes forming healthy relationships difficult.

We're just assuming that last part is in there, but the show does find Gansa and Gordon moving from a troubled female CIA agent to a female FBI agent whose past connection to the "mysterious psychiatrist" she's working with certainly suggests she has some problems of her own. Will these problems occasionally manifest themselves and provoke a probing self-inventory of her own proclivities toward violence? That would be reckless speculation, sir, and we won't be a part of it.


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