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Homeland and Masters Of Sex will both get another season

With a Dexter spinoff still existing solely as David Nevins’ beautiful dream where no one ever dies—and rather than abandoning its network entirely to reruns of Carlito’s Way—Showtime has picked up its original series Homeland and Masters Of Sex for another season each. It’s an obvious decision for the Lizzy Caplan/Michael Sheen drama, seeing as the show is only just getting started on Masters and Johnson’s decades of research into human sexuality, and there are so many more eras of pubic hair yet to explore. And despite some growing backlash, Homeland also continues to grow its audience, and there’s no telling how many more stories of tense, geopolitical interplay it can tell before revealing that they were just a trick, or ignoring them in favor of stories about Dana falling in love. Besides, with each passing season, we get closer to the one where the U.S. is finally wiped out by a massive terrorist attack that spares only Dana and a few cute, troubled boys, and by default she’s elected President of making sure everyone really gets it. (But they don’t.)


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