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Illustration for article titled Home of iSharknado/i to also combine science-fiction, improv, and Nick Cannon

Aiming to combine the hilarity of Syfy with the dystopian future of Nick Cannon, the cable channel and Mariah Carey’s least successful brand are partnering on a new, “sci-fi/fantasy improv” series—easily the scariest combination of words ever, on a network that regularly smashes sharks and tornadoes together. Cannon will produce, and anxiously await Nick Cannon’s call to host, the one-hour show to be taped before a live audience, which will find a “home team” group of four to six professional comedians facing off each week against a different improv group. And because the only thing that can make amateur improv funnier—besides Nick Cannon’s comedic sensibilities—is strictly limiting it to sci-fi and fantasy scenarios, every sketch will have to take place somewhere in that realm, involving spaceships, aliens, knights and dragons, or other things that most adults find funny. The winner is whoever gets the biggest, or any laughs.


Each episode will last a goddamn hour.

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