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Holy subscription, Batman: The new DC Universe streaming service launches in two weeks

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Last night, Kevin Smith stood in front of a camera and revealed to comics fans the news they’d been waiting for: DC is making a Bouncing Boy movie. No, just kidding, it actually has to do with the launch of DC’s new all-in-one streaming service. But wouldn’t that have been great?

The comics giant launched a new talk show last night, DC Daily, hosted by Smith (regular hosts Tiffany Smith and Hector Navarro will subsequently replace him), and used the new platform to announce that its subscription streaming service, DC Universe, will be up and running beginning September 15, roughly two weeks from now. First announced in April last year, more details have been doled out over the past couple months: The service will include both live-action and animated DC movies and TV series, but will also include a large swath of digital comics, merchandise, regular contest giveaways, and more.


The launch is timed to coincide with Batman Day, the annual marketing gimmick invented to sell DC-related stuff. But while DC Universe will be available starting the 15th, some of its most-anticipated content will require waiting a little longer. The upcoming live-action series Titans, for example, will premiere at New York Comic-Con on October 3, before debuting on the service Oct. 12. And the third season of Young Justice—the first new episodes of the animated series since it was canceled way back in 2013—won’t be released until 2019, though the first two seasons will be available immediately. Additionally, a Harley Quinn animated series, and shows based on Doom Patrol, Stargirl, Swamp Thing, and a pre-Superman Metropolis are all in various stages of development. (Still no Bouncing Boy movie, though. What must we do, DC?)

For those who demand their DC on demand, the service will run you $7.99 a month, or $74.99 for 15 months. Advance subscribers will also reportedly receive a physical copy of The New Titans Titans omnibus and be entered to win a trip to Warner Bros. studios and DC headquarters. (“Here’s the bathroom where Frank Miller had some absolutely terrible ideas.”) You can pre-order the new service now.

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