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Holy shit, it's a trailer for Terry Gilliam's The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

Terry Gilliam’s attempts to adapt Don Quixote are the stuff of legend, beginning in the late ‘90s and cycling through various actors and permutations; the earliest, starring Johnny Depp, even resulted in the tragic unmaking-of Lost In La Mancha. But things have looked decidedly better for Gilliam recently. Last year, we reported that he had finished shooting the film, with Jonathan Pryce as the man who believes he’s Don Quixote and Adam Driver as the man who the man who believes he’s Don Quixote believes is Sancho Panza. Now it has taken its most tangible step toward filmhood yet: a real trailer! It looks like the fantastical, bawdily comic work of Gilliam, alright, with plenty of windmills and lushly produced fantasy sets. You’d almost be tempted to believe it’ll actually come out.


The film has been expected to debut at Cannes later this year, but it’ll still have a few more hurdles to clear. One of the film’s former producers claims to retain some legal rights over the release of the film, despite having failed to finance it. That dispute, spurious as it sounds, will go before a judge, and a decision won’t be handed down until June 15, which would theoretically screw up the Cannes premiere in May. But who knows: There’s a trailer now, at least, which is pretty damn astonishing given all this movie’s gone through. It’s only fair that it has a couple more legal battles to go.

Clayton Purdom is a writer and editor based in Columbus, Ohio.