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Holy hell, Halle Berry can drink

(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The new Kingsman movie, The Golden Circle, has kind of a whiskey/cowboy theme going on, what with all the shotguns and laser lassos and distilleries on display. To commemorate this shared commitment to American drinkin’, the film’s cast passed a bottle of the strong stuff around today at their Comic-Con panel, to happy reactions from the crowd. But while there were plenty of jokes about how it’s “7 p.m. in England” as Taron Egerton and Colin Firth downed their pre-noon shots, Halle Berry didn’t need any such time zone-based euphemisms for her imbibing. The actress, who stars in the film as a tech expert for the American-based Statesman, apparently stood up and downed an entire water glass of whiskey (poured by co-star Channing Tatum) during the panel.


Of course, it’s always possible that Berry was employing a little of what we in the business call “fake bullshit movie magic booze,” and that she did not, in fact, pound a pint of bourbon in the space of a few minutes. Even so, it’s a pretty amazing commitment to character/film promotion/something (and, hopefully, not also an incident we’ll all look back at five years from now and go, “Oh, okay, that’s where it began“).

[via Variety]

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