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Holy hell, Fox is actually trying to keep Lethal Weapon on the air

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The personality conflicts, on-set drama, and just general all-purpose clusterfuckery surrounding Fox’s Lethal Weapon TV show have been going on for so long now that we’ve entirely exhausted our stock of “too old for this shit” jokes on the topic. So we’ll all have to make do with this: Fox is continuing to refuse to revoke the diplomatic immunity of the Lethal Weapon TV show (sorry), even though the series’ ersatz Danny Glover, Damon Wayans, has loudly and publicly stated that he’d really like to quit.

This is per TVLine’s coverage of this year’s TCA winter press tour, where Fox exec Charlie Collier attempted to downplay the self-described “58-year-old diabetic”’s assertion that he was officially done with being a TV action hero. At the time, Wayans went so far as to say he’d quit the show mid-season, although Fox successfully coaxed him into filming a couple of extra episodes before its third year wrapped up. Collier suggested that at least some of those conflicts—centered largely on Wayans’ work schedule, also the source of serious disagreements/pissing matches between him and fired co-star Clayne Crawfordhave now been papered over.

One of the show’s executive producers, Matt Miller, also weighed in on the conversation, noting that the series—which also co-stars poor Seann William Scott, gamely doing his best after walking into a metaphorical building that appears to be constantly on the verge of burning down—successfully negotiated a different schedule for Wayans, as well as providing him with more health-conscious meals. “I think it’s going to be a conversation [and] a negotiation,” Miller told reporters. “But I’m very hopeful that he will return.” Reassuring us all that the storied artistic treasure that is the Fox police procedural adaptation of Lethal Weapon will now be able to continue its steady march into the annals of history.

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