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Were we ever so young, and full of murder?
Photo: Nomi Ellenson (Getty Images)

Once upon a time, dear readers, there was a TV show called Hannibal. It was about two handsome men staring at each other in meaningful ways—in the hopes that one of them would finally give in to their wildest passions and murder the other—and it was one of the weirdest, most beautiful shows ever to somehow end up on network TV. It ended, at the network’s behest, in 2015, on a final note that was, if not necessarily definitive, then at least suitably fitting.

Which is why it’s fascinating (and also, if we’re being honest, kind of sweet) to see creator Bryan Fuller still out here, fully four years later, assuring fans that he has not lost sight of hopes for a Hannibal revival. Per Bloody Disgusting, Fuller responded to a fan this week with a passionate declaration that “no one”—not him, not the cast, not executive producer Martha De Laurentiis—has given up on seeing Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter face off once again, and that they’re just waiting for a network or streaming service to succumb to the cannibal fever still brewing in fans’ hearts.


Fuller has had a “complicated” relationship with TV production since the celebrated series went off the air; he’s bounced on at least three high-profile projects since then, most notably American Gods, where he abruptly left after the first season due to what’s been reported as a combination of budget concerns and arguments about the show’s direction. Still, the Pushing Daisies creator isn’t the only member of Team Murder Husbands still stumping for the show; the man himself, Mads Mikkelsen, made it clear in an interview back in January that he’d return to the role pretty much the second that a hypothetical fourth season got the green light.

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