Long a haunt for famous people who dabble in illusions not involving their personal lives, Hollywood's Magic Castle is going to star in its own movie, one that will finally allow those who aren't lucky enough to be invited into the private, century-old club to see what all the fuss is about. Over the years the Magic Castle has played host to numerous professional magicians as well as celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris (who currently serves as its president), Cary Grant, Steve Martin, and Johnny Carson. It's not immediately clear whether the film will take some sort of biopic tack and delve into the Castle's historical importance to the celebrity magician society, but that seems sort of unlikely considering it's being produced by Ted Field, whose own experience with the supernatural includes the remakes of The Amityville Horror and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the magical board game movies Zathura and Jumanji. Although, he did make that documentary about Shaquille O'Neal's own double life as a genie, Kazaam, so maybe.