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Hollywood Walk Of Fame announces new recipients of homeless people's unfocused rage

Getting a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame probably doesn't mean as much as it used to—particularly now that honorary "Mayor Of Hollywood" Johnny Grant has passed on—but if nothing else they serve a dual purpose of providing Japanese tourists with things to photograph and frustrated bums with something metaphorical to pee on. ("Take that, Lana Turner! The easy path to fame and fortune you symbolize is insulting to me!") Today the Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce announced 25 more celebrities who will be enshrined on the famous sidewalk in 2009, including: Ben Kingsley, Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy, Cameron Diaz, Robert Downey Jr., Tim Burton, Leslie Caron, Charles Durning, Ralph Fiennes, William Petersen, Kyra Sedgwick, John Stamos, Mark Burnett, Chuck Lorre, Kenny "Baby Face" Edmonds, Dave Koz, The Miracles, Doug Morris, Rush, Shakira, KFI radio personality Bill Handel, and Harry Shearer. Also included in the round-up was Hugh Jackman, Tinkerbell, and The Village People—which probably won't help those rumors about Hugh Jackman's sexuality any.


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