Character actors have a hard lot in life. Recognized, but unknown. On the bill, but four or five places down. Forever known as “That Guy,” or “You know, him…” For God’s sake, the poor souls barely rank above voice actors or women in the Hollywood hierarchy.

Well, no more. The schlubby and the balding, the weird-eyed and the funny-faced have banded together in this video by Entertainment Weekly, demanding to be cast as the stars in big-budget action movies. After all, as this cavalcade of supposedly unrecognizable superstarsincluding Rob Corddry, Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Anthony Stewart Head, and Dave “Gale Boetticher” Costabilepoint out, Hollywood gave the Parks & Rec guy a shot, right? It’s their time, now. The time… of the tentpole-starring character actor.