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Hollywood reaches zenith as Platypus Police Squad movie enters production

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There’s an unusual feeling of disappointment that a lot of newly minted grown-ups feel when walking through the aisles of a toy store for the first time since their youth, and it’s usually expressed in the following way: “Man, kids are so lucky these days. I never had toys this cool.” Well, anyone who has ever said that will now have another reason to be jealous of children, because apparently there’s a series of books for kids called Platypus Police Squad (written by Jarrett J. Krosoczka), and they have amazing titles like The Ostrich Conspiracy, Last Panda Standing, and The Frog Who Croaked. Seriously, real books for adults don’t have titles that good.


Anyway, this is relevant to our interests because Variety is reporting that Walden Media is developing an animated movie adaptation of the Platypus Police Squad series from a screenplay by Jon Saunders and Ross Evans. Apparently, the typical plot from the books involves “busting illegal candy sales and tracking down political corruption,” which is great, so we hope the movie has plenty of hardboiled cop drama to keep us grown-ups interested. After all, it would be a tragic waste if this cool-sounding kids movie turned out to actually be for kids.

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