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Hollywood now getting all its ideas from I Love The '80s episodes

Cue Dolph Lundgren sitting dejectedly by the phone: Following in the footsteps of the Michael Bay-directed Transformers—despite the fact that it's not even out yet—Warner Bros. and Joel Silver have announced plans to make a slick update of another '80s action-figure-turned-TV-show franchise: He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe. While everyone seems to be pretending that 1987's Masters Of The Universe never happened (probably for the best), the story has been pitched to Mattel (that's right; Mattel is a Hollywood player now) by screenwriter Justin Marks as "a classic good vs. evil battle, using the kind of visual effects strategy employed in 300."

Marks, by the way, also has several other "reimaginings" of '80s franchises in the works, including scripts based on Voltron and (another previously failed adaptation) Street Fighter. An update based on G.I. Joe (with rumors of Mark Wahlberg attached as "Duke") is reportedly still in the works, as are adaptations of The A-Team and Knight Rider. Seriously, what's left? Thundercats? Dig-Dug: The Movie? Shit. I shouldn't have said those out loud.


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