Hollow Sunshine (Photo courtesy of Iron Pier)

The two-piece band Hollow Sunshine, made up of multi-instrumentalist Reuben Sawyer and vocalist Morgan Enos, seems to grow restless with a genre as soon as it’s mastered it. Though originally tagged as “downer pop,” on last year’s Bring Gold the pair churned out a record full of songs that settled into the space between Hum and Jesu. On July 29 the band will release Bible Sea, the first entry in Iron Pier Records’ mini-LP project, and along with it comes another sonic exploration for the pair. The A.V Club is premiering “Jewel After Another,” which signals a sharp left turn in the band’s sound. Gone is traditional rock instrumentation, replaced with lush synths and Enos’ disaffected, distant vocals. It’s the type of song that could easily put fans off, but it’s executed so expertly it deserves a warm welcome.

Pre-orders for Bible Sea are available now through Iron Pier.