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Yes, that was sarcasm you smelled in the headline. The 13 millionth Johnny Cash tribute album is being assembled by indie label Anchorless Records, but this one looks a bit more worthwhile: It's a benefit for the Syrentha Savio Endowment for lower-income women with breast cancer, and the contributing artists announced so far include Chuck Ragan, formerly of Hot Water Music; Russ Rankin formerly of Good Riddance and currently of Only Crime; Jon Snodgrass and Chad Price, formerly of Drag The River; and Jason Shevchuk, formerly of Kid Dynamite and None More Black. The as-yet-untitled disc is due sometime in 2008.

Interesting-to-three-of-you factoid learned a couple weeks before "researching" this Newswire post: Shevchuk's new band LaGrecia, although based in Brooklyn, played its debut show in Denver recently. It was pretty rad.


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