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Hold on to your hatpins: CBS is developing a show about a woman mayor

Drawing by Ralph Cleaver
Photo: Hulton Archive (Getty Images)

Just 98 years after the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified and four years since the debut of Madam Secretary, CBS has voted “yes” on Proposition “Female Mayor Show.” Or, as the show is currently titled, Ms. Mayor (that name’s not much better, we know).

According to Deadline, CBS has picked up a new series that’s being written by Barbara Hall, creator of Joan Of Arcadia, Judging Amy, and the aforementioned Monday-night drama starring Téa Leoni. Former CBS chairman Nina Tassler and producer Denise Di Novi created the show and will executive produce. Ms. Mayor centers on “a young activist [who] runs for Mayor of NY on a whim,” possibly after failing a magazine quiz that rates how impulsive (or not) you are. Per Deadline’s post,” the lead character’s “surprise victory launches her onto a political stage that she’s not prepared for, but is determined to take on with her idealistic enthusiasm,” which is reminiscent of The Mayor, but with less Brandon Micheal Hall (which is really too bad). That’s the whole synopsis for now, but we’re sure Ms. Mayor will have grace under fire, whether she’s tasked with reducing the budget or asked if there’s a “Mr. Ms. Mayor.”


We’re just having a bit of fun at the show’s logline’s expense—2018 has seen a record number of female candidates for political office, including Cynthia Nixon’s bid for governor of New York, so Hall et. al. are probably just focused on timeliness. They might want to rethink the title, though—right now, we can’t help but hear it in Bender’s voice.

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